Chemophobia- Fear of chemicals or working with chemicals

Every substance we encounter is a chemical. Even the naturally occurring, or pure substances including unpolluted air and pure water are basically chemicals.

Chemophobia is the fear of chemicals or working with chemicals. Chemicals also make up almost everything that is man-made such as plastic, medicines, shampoo, soap and almost all other things that we use in our everyday lives but sometimes the chemophobe is not aware of this but may just manifest fear or anxiety when dealing with the chemicals in a bottle. This fear stems from their notion that chemicals are harmful and can disrupt the body’s health.

Chemophobia also develops because of an awful experience with chemicals such as environmental disease, or begins with lack of knowledge about chemicals and their uses. They might have seen movies on TV people getting poisoned with chemicals, or of animals dying because of toxic waste chemicals that have spilled on the ocean. On the contrary, too much knowledge of chemicals can also stimulate fear. They may also have this concept in their mind that chemicals can kill.

Generally people with this phobia are more cautious in breathing in and ingesting chemicals. And people with chemophobia are obsessed in keeping away from chemicals which is practically impossible in our world today. They may also opt to use the “natural” or organic stuff such as organic soaps, shampoo, deodorant and other stuff they use in their bodies.

Those who have this phobia should discuss their fears with someone. Also, they should learn the pros and cons of the substances they fear most.