Cheimaphobia or Cheimatophobia- Fear of cold

A lot of people like the cold weather. This is especially true for people who live in cold countries who cannot tolerate heat, as well as people in the tropical countries who find it more comfortable staying in air-conditioned places. But there are some people who fear the cold and this is termed as Cheimaphobia or Chemiatophobia.

People with this fear might have had a traumatic experience in the past such as being stuck or trapped in a cave where it was below freezing temperature and experienced having frostbite or had a first experience in the snow and had uncontrollable shivering which he or she found scary. Others could have been trivial like eating ice cream and getting brain freeze which triggered the phobia.

People with this phobia will prefer to live in tropical climates and will avoid air-conditioned places or living in colder countries where winter is present. Some will avoid eating cold desserts and will not put ice in their beverages.

Symptoms of anxiety can be seen in patients when they see even just ice in a glass of water or may have palpitations, tremors, uncontrollable shivers, shortness of breath when inside a cold room.

Treatment involves psychotherapy. Medications are rarely needed.