Cathisophobia- Fear of sitting

Cathisophobia is the fear of sitting down and also is otherwise known as Thaasophobia. When someone fears sitting, they may actually have anxieties about being trapped, or being unable to sit still.

Sitting may become the source of anxiety because it can be painful or uncomfortable in some especially the elderly who may be forced to sit for longer periods of time than younger people, simply because they are not as ambulatory.

For younger people, the fear of sitting is often connected to the fear of feeling trapped. Young people have a tendency to rebel against control, and sitting still in a classroom can often be the primary trigger for Cathisophobia in children and teens.

People with this phobia will do whatever they can to avoid sitting. Obviously, sitting is a part of life. Attending classes, working in an office or most other environments, and generally doing just about anything will require sitting. Therefore, living with this phobia can really impact career choices, the ability to ride in or drive a car, and even something traditionally pleasant, such as watching a movie in a theater.

Dealing with feelings of tension and physical discomfort may require some form of treatment for phobias. Often, the brain can be retrained to view things in a different light. With a phobia like this one, that will impact every part of life, considering treatment can be a wise decision.