Catapedaphobia- Fear of jumping from high and low places

The fear of jumping from high or low places is called Catapedaphobia. Time and again this kind of fear is usually associated with the fear of heights although sometimes it may also be present on its own.

At times, this fear can develop in childhood. Phobias are the result of painful childhood memories which may rise in nightmares, flashbacks or as the result when in contact with triggers. Triggers are usually the one who activates the fear and there are a lot of triggers linked. One is memories; a bad experience from previous fall will continue to control the phobic person attitude towards jumping. Second are diving boards, another childhood trigger. Children are usually enticed into jumping from diving boards and improper dives may it be high or low boards can hurt thus may terrify children. Third are the horrors of 9/11, seeing those people jumping from a burning Twin Tower of World Trade Center was a horrifying scene and the last is the extreme sports, watching programs that features extreme jumping can evoke deepest fears.

Catapedaphobe when faced to any kind of trigger may manifest emotional and physical symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, feeling of tension and anxiety.

Panic therapy and psychotherapy are solid preference in combating the fear of jumping from high or low places. It’s essential to identify that you can overcome your fears when you are in control. Getting the cause of the reasons for your fears is the best way to start.