Carnophobia – Fear of meat

The fear of meat is called Carnophobia. This kind of phobia is not only restricted to vegetarians, it also affects other people for various reasons. This phobia is somewhat frequent in our society. For instance, PETA an animal rights group have dedicated most of their time and power in organizing publicity campaigns that exposes the suffering of the animals we eat, and use for their fur or other animal by-products. In others, the fear of meat might be brought about by eating meat that has not been prepared well in the past that made them sick.

Several people with Carnophobia turn out to be vegetarians or vegans in order to get rid of the unpleasantness of handling and ingesting meat every day.

Persons with Carnophobia are expected to be uptight when they are in a social gathering where meat is served. In some instances vegetarians or vegans isolate from their family and friends because of their dietary desires. There are also some Carnophobia who are able to adjust to being around the substance while others will avoid gatherings that will feature animal proteins.

Symptoms include queasiness and disgust when faced with meat aromas. Others may feel sick in public places where meat is being cooked and served.

Carnophobia may need medical attention. A medical doctor should validate whether vitamin deficiency or health ailments are present because of avoiding meat.