Cardiophobia- Fear of the heart

The heart is a hollow, muscular organ that circulates the blood, and is the central, vital or main organ of the body. The human heart is said to be the center of emotions, most especially sympathy, courage, and of course love. Cardiophobia is the severe, persistent phobia of the human heart and may be triggered by several factors.

The primary reason why this phobia develops is due to health concerns. An individual with heart problems is most likely to develop one and will be more prone to experience Cardiophobia. This is especially true for those who probably had a heart attack in the past, or had congenital heart problems as a child who had to undergo a scary heart surgery to correct the underlying problem.

Cardiophobes may manifest chest tightness that may actually mimic real heart problems. They are also prone to becoming hypochondriacs because of their fears of suffering from heart ailments. Early detection is the key to controlling problems involving the heart.
Therapy or panic treatment can be very helpful because this allows

Cardiophobe to get rid of the factors that may trigger their fear. Once the reasons are made known and dealt with properly it will be easier to overcome thus becoming physically sick and emotionally disturb are avoided.