Cancerophobia or Carcinophobia– Fear of cancer

At times hearing the word cancer can already cause someone to be scared, even if we only utter the word. The clinical name for this fear is Carcinophobia and it is one of the prevalent unspoken fears in the American society. Lack of familiarity about the different types of cancer causes one to be anxious when talking or thinking about it. And knowing that even with the advanced technology that we have, cancer still has a high mortality rate may contribute to this fear.
Possibly the most common cause for this fear is knowing that a relative or close friend had struggled and died from the disease and seeing them die quickly from the disease or struggled for a long time causes them to fear cancer even more.

One apparent sign of Carcinophobia is that they are reluctant to talk about the issue even if it doesn’t concern them. Also, they are unwilling to visit a family member or close friend suffering from cancer in the hospital. Others may experience hyperventilation, clammy skin, increased cardiac rate, panic attack, and a sense of losing control and may faint in the presence of someone with cancer.

Dealing with the fear is highly encouraged. Understanding that cancers are treatable may tend to shift their attention away from what causes cancer and how to live with the disease. Facts that cancer has a high survival rate if treated and detected early may soothe their fears.