Bufonophobia– Fear of toads

Toads are amphibians that are slimy, slithery and some can be even dangerous. These creatures are different from frogs but most people can’t tell the difference between them. Toads may have dry skin that feel leathery but most people with fear of toads also have fear of frogs because of their similarity.

Causes of this fear include the knowledge that some toads can be poisonous. Cane Toads for instance emit a poison that has killed a lot of people and animals. Thus some people might generalize that all toads are poisonous. The horny toad is also one reason for this phobia. Although this is actually a lizard, the horny toad looks frightening and some people get scared at even the mere thought or sight of it.

Another probable reason for bufunophobia is the association of toads with witchcraft and sorcery. Toads are usually used in potions, and people who have offended the witches have been said to be turned into toads thus this fear develops.

Patients with this fear might tremble when they see toads, or even frogs. They may exhibit other symptoms of anxiety and will run away from it.

Treatment includes psychotherapy. Medical treatment with anti-psychotics or antidepressants are not necessary.