Brontophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning

Also often known as astraphobia, brontophobia is a condition by which the particular person experiences an extreme fear of lighting and thunder. This sort of phobia is usually present in a gentle form with young children, but normally begins to subside as the child enters adolescence. Household pets also sometimes exhibit this concern of thunder and lightning as well. However, there are instances in which adults develop such a phobia, often to an extent that it inhibits their ability to have interaction in simple tasks like shopping or dealing with work projects during severe storms. While many people view brontophobia as a relatively benign issue, that’s rarely the case for anyone who suffers from the condition. When lightning bolts appear within the skies or the sound of distant thunder reaches the ears of the brontophobic, anxiety begins to mount. In gentle cases, the person will normally practice some sort of avoidance. This can embrace putting off traveling in the course of the storm, closing draperies on windows, and shifting to the center of the home in an try and isolate oneself from the storm as possible. The brontophobic can also be likely to experience a sense of feeling extraordinarily lightheaded to the purpose of being about to pass out. Often, the guts will begin to palpitate rapidly, which provides to the sensation that the individual is about to expertise some type of utmost harm.