Bromidrosiphobia or Bromidrophobia- Fear of body smells

Our body naturally emits a scent that is unique to each of us. Most of the time, this scent is not detectable but there are some people who emit a strong scent that may at times be offensive. Most people who have bromidrosiphobia are scared that they might get sick to their stomach when they smell something offensive. These people are usually sensitive to odors, even scents that may be pleasant to others will be offensive for the people with these phobia.

Some might have had an encounter with someone who has body odor and were unable to control themselves from getting nauseated, dizzy or may have even vomited and found this situation embarrassing. They may be overly conscious also of their own body smells and may take a bath several times a day or wear perfumes to mask their body odor. They are usually people who sweat excessively and may work in a hot place. Although these people are scared of emitting an odor, some of them may also fear using deodorants.

Because of this, they may become introverts and they usually avoid intimacy. They may manifest with nausea and vomiting, dizziness and fainting when they encounter strong odors thus they avoid interacting with other people.

Treatment includes behavioral therapy. Desensitization might help but is usually unsuccessful because most of the time, this phobia has already become a conditioned response in a person and is difficult to treat. Medications might help. Or if extreme, a person might opt to wear a mask so he can function in society.