Bolsephobia – Fear of Bolsheviks

Bolshevism was founded by Vladimir Lenin who desired to apply Marxist principles in society and imposed equality. Those who opposed the Bolshevik regime were punished and were executed, separated from their family and friends, imprisoned and some even tortured. Most people with this fear may have experienced this personally, or others might have family members who were executed or punished thus the fear is passed on to the younger generations.

People who have this fear also fear Communism and Cold War. They also fear dictatorship and would try their best to avoid staying in countries where this is commonly observed. These people believe that communism is against the rule of nature and that it is cruel and unjust. This is especially seen in Russia or other countries where communism is or was the way of life. Most will opt to live in a country where there is freedom and when exposed to dictators or communists, they may show signs of anxiety such as trembling, palpitations, shortness of breath and they will feel like running away.

Treatment of this phobia requires psychotherapy, both cognitive and behavioral therapy so that one will not react with fear when dealing with people with authority. Medications may be given to those with extreme symptoms of anxiety.