Bogyphobia– Fear of bogeys or the bogeyman

The bogeyman is a product of human imagination, has no specific features or particular face, and is usually associated with paranormal activities, monsters and horror movies. The bogeyman is the faceless monster that haunts you in your nightmares, or may be the scary figure that follows you when you walk home at night.

This fear of the bogeyman is a product of the media. They have created in our minds the picture of something that will terrify especially the young kids of a ghostly figure who terrorizes and kills people. Some of the people with this fear watched a lot of horror movies in the past and the initial fear that they felt might have been developed into a full-blown phobia because of reinforcement. Some might have been scared by their parents as kids that if they do something bad, the bogeyman will come and eat them or kill them.

People with this fear are usually also scared of ghosts and other monsters. They may tremble, have palpitations, and get extremely anxious even with just the thought of the bogeyman. They will refuse to go out alone at night or even stay at home alone at night.

Treatment includes behavioral and cognitive therapy. They are taught that the bogeyman is just fictitious and is just a product of imagination.