Basophobia or Basiphobia – Inability to stand. Fear of walking or falling

Basophobia or basiphobia is a term used to define the extreme and persistent fear of walking or standing up and is closely related and interchangeable with Ambulophobia. Most of the people with this fear have been injured recently and had been immobilized with a cast for instance. Starting to walk again may cause them extreme anxiety because they fear that they will again fall down and sustain the same injury. They might refuse to get up or refuse to have physical therapy even when their doctors think they are ready.

Some of these people may also be suffering from arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis such that walking causes them intense pain. Every step that they take can cause excruciating unbearable pain that even when they are already well, they will refuse to walk and just opt to sit down or be confined to the wheelchair.

Symptoms of this phobia include palpitations, trembling, restlessness and other signs and symptoms of anxiety when they are forced to or challenged to walk.

Treatment includes physiotherapy and physical therapy. People may also need psychotherapy to help them overcome their fear of walking. Medications are rarely needed for this phobia.