Automatonophobia- Fear of ventriloquists dummies

Automatonophobia is likely one of the many fears man has today. It is mainly a fear of ventriloquist dummies, wax statues and animatronic creatures. People affected by this condition really feel very uncomfortable when within the company of wax statues and dummies. They get panic assaults that differ from patient to patient. Some people experience irregular heartbeats while others experience speedy breathing and nausea. Social life proves to be slightly difficult for such sufferers as they can’t go to places where relations and associates go to like puppet shows, visit to wax museums and even shopping. The purpose they discover it moderately difficult to buy groceries as most procuring centers have mannequins displaying dresses. Looking at these mannequins, these patients are inclined to get panic assaults and thus, tend to avoid going to procuring centers. It is no use exposing a person with automatonophobia to mannequins, dummies or wax statues because it only aggravates the situation. Some people think that the repetitive publicity of the victim to dummies will resolve the state of affairs when it actually only helps in aggravating the situation. The best thing that has to be done is have the patient visit a phobia clinic or a psychologist. The reason it is better for the patient to go to a psychologist or phobia clinic is that they goal at finding out the cause for the worry through counseling and then, intention at eliminating automatonophobia.