Autodysomophobia- Fear of one that has a vile odor

Autodysomophobia is generally an unwarranted fear of one having a vile odor. It is but human for people to emit a human body smell. Different individuals have different body odors because of chemical reactions in the body, food that’s eaten and exercise on the part of the person. There are some people who feel embarrassed of the human physique odor that they emit, and it is this fears that known as autodysomophobia. As an individual with autodysomophobia shouldn’t be comfortable within the vicinity of others, they have a very bad social and office life. They cannot spend too much time with others and so change into a loner. Victims of autodysomophobia normally suffer from panic assaults when exposed to their human physique odor and the signs of panic attacks tend to vary from patient to patient. The best thing to do for a remedy from autodysomophobia is to go to a psychologist or a phobia clinic. Here, the principle thing the counselor does is to get to the basis of the fear, and to remove it from the brain. Once the trigger for the victim that led to autodysomophobia is eradicated the worry disappears and the sufferer can live a traditional life like everyone else.