Auroraphobia- Fear of Northern lights

Aurora Borealis, or northern lights are a gorgeous spectacle that many people love during the clear winter lights. However, this lovely spectacle cannot be admired by everyone as there are some individuals who have a persistent and unwanted worry of northern lights. This condition of a fear for northern lights is called auroraphobia. A person suffering from auroraphobia generally gets panic attacks when they see northern lights. These panic assaults give completely different symptoms to different folks like sweating, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat and a sense of dread. Such persons are sure to feel uncomfortable to come back out on clear winter nights for concern of attending to see northern lights. With this, you find the person changing into a loner in winter the place there are some difficulties they face in their social life. They will not be able to enjoy winter as all their associates and family do. The greatest treatment possibility today is to visit a phobia clinic or a psychologist where the affected person is taught to eliminate the fear that starts auroraphobia. Once the trigger level of auroraphobia is eradicated, the patient is sure to be cured from auroraphobia. The standard trigger level for auroraphobia is an event which will have occurred a long time back, below northern lights.