Aurophobia- Fear of gold

Jewelry is something that everybody loves and practically everyone gets to wear. However, it’s interesting to learn that there are some individuals around you who’ve a concern for gold. And this concern for gold has a medical name, aurophobia. People suffering from aurophobia usually develop panic attacks when uncovered to gold, or when they see gold. Different folks suffer from totally different symptoms of the panic assault like irregular heartbeat, nausea, sweating, fast breathing, and shortness of breath and a feeling of dread on seeing gold. Being a victim of aurophobia proves to be a very uncomfortable because the victim cannot do things normal people do. Practically everybody wears some gold or other, so when they come across folks with gold they tend to have panic attacks. This means that it is slightly difficult for them to satisfy people for fear of getting panic attacks when in their vicinity. Sufferers are better having some counseling from a psychologist or a representative from a phobia clinic. These people might help eliminate the actual fear the individual has wherein aurophobia developed. Once this trigger point is eliminated from the mind from the patient, it is more than seemingly that the patient will probably be relieved from aurophobia.