Atelophobia- Fear of imperfection

Atelophobia is a condition wherein a particular person exhibits an extreme concern of failing to achieve perfection in any of their actions, ideas, or beliefs. This extremely sensitized and fearful aversion to any type of imperfection of their lives can cause people to develop into highly vital of anything they are saying or do, always fearing that their choices are flawed and never good enough. The atelophobia concern of imperfection goes far beyond desirous to do issues as competently as possible; in cases where a true atelophobia definition or prognosis exists, the situation becomes an obsession that effectively ruins relationships and makes it almost not possible to operate in society. Atelophobia symptoms embody a high degree of irrational irritability aimed toward self and generally manifested toward others. The atelophobic is often so scared of failing to measure up that she or he becomes immobilized by the fear and thus is unable to finish projects or is not going to turn them in for fear they are not good enough. A excessive degree of excitability is often present, as well as insomnia and an incapability to loosen up for even a couple of moments. The patient is continually on edge and feels stress to continue working until perfection is reached.