Ataxophobia- Fear of disorder or untidiness

Some of you may have a buddy or relative that tends to have an awesome fetish of cleanliness and tidiness. These folks just keep on cleaning, dusting, wiping and scrubbing and are really not pleased with the work anybody does. They need to do their cleaning on their own, and any cleaning executed by anyone else is generally redone by the person. You may take this as a fetish, and in your stride; nevertheless these people haven’t got fetish, however are instead, have a phobia. The phobia these folks suffer from is ataxophobia and is a condition where the victim has an abnormal fear of dysfunction and untidiness. They are never content with cleanliness, and are all the time cleaning and wiping away. Living with such people may be relatively tiring to the individuals living with them. This is as a result of living with such people is not going to be relaxing; on a regular basis will seem to be like a day in a military camp with strict orders for cleanliness and order. There are cases where people suffering from ataxophobia begin experiencing panic assaults on seeing disorder. These individuals tend to expertise nausea, shortness of breath, fast breathing and irregular heartbeats. This is why you will need to try and treatment any person suffering from ataxophobia as soon, and as easily as possible.