Ataxiophobia- Fear of ataxia (muscular incoordination)

Ataxiophobia is basically an unwarranted and abnormal fear of ataxia, or muscular incoordination. The meaning of ataxia itself is a lack of muscular coordination. This happens with harm to part of the central nervous system. So an individual suffers from ataxiophobia, they tend to have an absence of stability where they sway or fall if not standing on a broad base. People suffering from ataxiophobia generally don’t feel confident enough to go out alone as they’ve a worry of not having the correct balance. They feel they might fall or sway; and so to keep away from this embarrassment and inconvenience, they have an inclination to keep away from going anywhere alone. The independence of such an individual is lowered tremendously as they cannot go anywhere without worrying about suffering from lack of balance. Ataxiophobia stems with the event of ataxia. And one of many causes of ataxia is syphilis and illnesses that injury the central nervous system. Some deficiency diseases, illnesses of the spinal twine and overuse of drugs like barbiturates or alcohol have a tendency to lead to ataxia too. With ataxia, the victim develops a fear complex and this is when panic assaults develop. With panic assaults from ataxiophobia, the sufferer tends to experience fast breathing, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath and nausea. There are many medicines that claim to treatment ataxiophobia.