Astrophobia- Fear of stars or celestial space

Astrophobia is among the many existing phobias and is basically an unwarranted worry of stars and celestial space. When an individual suffers from astrophobia, the person usually goes through panic attacks when looking on the star and celestial space. There are various symptoms associated with astrophobia like speedy breathing, irregular heartbeat, nausea, sweating and a sense of dread of stars. Different people generally endure from totally different symptoms. It is difficult living with astrophobia as victims of astrophobia can’t look out of home windows on starry nights. There won’t be much of romance of their lives; moreover they cannot benefit from the peace and tranquility a quiet, starry night time beholds them. Neither can they take pleasure in themselves when friends, kinfolk and workplace members go to a planetarium! Astrophobia sometimes results in solitude due to this; however, this doesn’t meant that there is no cure for astrophobia. Basically, the best treatment to remedy astrophobia could be to attend one of many many phobia clinics or a psychologist. This is the better cure as by counseling, the victim is taught to remove the concern they have embedded of their minds for stars and celestial space. This proves to be a more permanent cure for the sufferer as they learn to regulate their thoughts, and the trigger for astrophobia.