Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning

Astraphobia, also referred to as astrapophobia, brontophobia, keraunophobia, or tonitrophobia, is an abnormal worry of thunder and lightning, a kind of particular phobia. It is a treatable phobia that each humans and animals can develop. A particular person with astraphobia will often feel anxious during a thunderstorm even when they understand that the risk to them is minimal. Some symptoms are these accompanied with many phobias, corresponding to trembling, crying, sweating, panic attacks, the feeling of dread, and fast heartbeat. However, there are some reactions that are unique to astraphobia. For instance, reassurance from other individuals is normally sought, and signs worsen when alone. Many individuals who have astraphobia will look for extra shelter from the storm. They might hide underneath a bed, underneath the covers, in a closet, in a basement, or some other space the place they really feel safer. A sign that somebody has astraphobia is a much heightened curiosity in climate forecasts. An astraphobic person will be alert for news of incoming storms. They could watch the weather on TV constantly throughout rainy bouts and may even track thunderstorms online. This can change into severe enough that the person might not go outside without checking the weather first. In very extreme cases, astraphobia can lead to agoraphobia, the worry of leaving the home.