Asthenophobia- Fear of fainting or weakness

Asthenophobia is a situation where an individual has a persistent fear of weak spot or fainting. This is a standard phobia, where many people suffer days of distress because of asthenophobia. Asthenophobia is referred to by different names like concern of fainting and worry of weakness. With asthenophobia, it proves to be reasonably difficult to guide a regular life because the victim will at all times fear standing for long, doing any exercise or enjoying games. Asthenophobia normally starts with an incident sometime early in life when the person could have had fainting bouts due to anemia. In such cases, he or she may have fainted in the midst of crowds or roads and may have endured some accident or embarrassment within the process. This incident lingers in the mind of the victim, and so to avoid such an accident or embarrassment in the future, the person might not stand for long, work for lengthy or do any strenuous physical workout routines for a time frame for worry of fainting or feeling weakness. And it is with this that asthenophobia units in. One tends to avoid such actions out of fear and that is asthenophobia. It will not be that asthenophobia is incurable; it can be cured with the precise treatment.