Arsonphobia- Fear of fire

Arsonphobia is principally a persistent and unwarranted fear of fireplace or flames. Other names for this condition are pyrophobia, fear of fireside and worry of flames. Whatever the identity one calls this concern by, its symptoms during panic assaults are the same. When below a panic assault of arsonphobia, the person often suffers from fast breathing, irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath, nausea and a sense of dread on seeing flames or fire. These panic attacks may not happen when seeing actual fire; there are lots of people who get panic attacks simply by taking a look at fire and flames on theaters or the television. Now one may wonder how arsonphobia starts. It is usually started by the unconscious mind that tends to guard itself from recollections of some event linking with hearth or flames that brought in regards to the emotional trauma. This occasion is kind of a catalyst for arsonphobia, and whenever the sufferer sees any fire or flames, the same event involves mind and the same fear that he or she had experienced then manifests itself. Different individuals tend to seek out arsonphobia manifest itself in numerous ways within the body. Some people tend to experience the fear only when seeing real life fires and flames, while others tend to get upset and frightened when flames and fires both in real life and on screen.