Apiphobia – Fear of bees

Apiphobia is the irrational concern of bees or being stung by bees and its related to the phobia referred to as spheksophobia, the fear of wasps. This fear may develop in many ways, and it’s called irrational because honeybees seldom sting besides in last defense. When a honeybee stings it dies, and therefore, these bees will normally not sting, though they’ll naturally be curious and fly around people, and if extraordinarily threatened, they may resort to this final attack. Unfortunately, apiphobia is a fear that can be inflated by public representation of bees. In particular, news protection of killer bees or Africanized bees has given the honeybee a terrible and undeserved reputation. Inflated fear of bees can result in indifference about protecting this most vital of species, and those confronted with a honeybee, as a substitute of simply walking away from it, may determine it needs to be killed instead. Reactions when people suffer from true apiphobia can vary. Some people can have a struggle reaction, striking out at the bee and killing it if they can. Others are so terrified of those creatures that they won’t spend time anywhere outdoor where bees frequent. When confronted with a bee, they could scream, have a panic attack, have high respiration or heart rate, and sweat profusely.