Anuptaphobia – Fear of staying single

Anuptaphobia is defined as a fear of staying single. Yet this definition says little about a fairly common phobia, and would not add that this worry doesn’t just encompass concern about being single. Some individuals suffer anuptaphobia in the form of being afraid of being married to the improper person for life. Others extra relate the time period to gamophobia, which is worry of all things to do with marriage and weddings.

Cases of anuptaphobia may be very gentle to severe. Many folks hope and plan for the day after they find the proper partner with whom to share their lives. In absence of this perfection, they may act in ways which can be irrational. They may select partners on a whim and shortly marry without time to consider the consequences.

Additionally, a person could choose to stay in bad relationships where the promise of marriage or lifetime dedication is real; because they fear the consequences if they are suddenly single. This is perhaps probably the most severe type of anuptaphobia; when a girl or man will not extricate him or she from an inherently abusive relationship as a result of the worry of being alongside exceeds worry of abuse. It may be hard to trace improvement of this condition within the child or young adult; however persistent discomfort with being alone is an excellent sign.