Antlophobia- Fear of floods

Floods are known to cause damage, and is considered a sudden and devastating event. This was seen even in the time of Noah in the Bible when the great flood wiped out the face of the earth and only spared those who were inside the ark.
Floods are feared because one might have personally experienced destruction of their homes, loss of livestock, or even loss of a family member because of a natural disaster that caused a major flood. This loss that they have experienced became a major trigger of this phobia. Some might have only seen the devastation that a flood has brought to a particular place on TV and the media is one source of this fear. People with this phobia often live in flood-stricken or typhoon-prone areas that experience frequent floods. Some also fear that they will be washed away by the flood and drown. The thought of drowning might also be a cause of this phobia.
In some cases, these people fear that if they get stricken with flood, help will not be readily available to them and they will not have the proper shelter and food provided for them thus they will get sick and die.
People with this fear get extremely anxious when they know that a flood might occur and may manifest symptoms of anxiety when they hear people talk about floods or see it in the news. Treatment includes psychotherapy because as we all know, floods is a natural disaster and cannot be avoided.