Angrophobia – Fear of anger or of becoming angry

Being angry is a normal reaction for most people, and it helps one to cope with our feelings of rage or frustration.  Most of us are able to control our anger but for people with Angrophobia becoming angry is frightening because they get out of control when they get angry.

For some, when they get angry, they are not able to suppress their emotions and become violent, be it in the form of verbal or physical abuse and this has happened to them several times and has affected their interpersonal relationship with family, friends, and even peers.  It could have destroyed a relationship leading to divorce or break-ups thus they fear that whenever they get angry, they will be hurting not only themselves but other people as well.

Thus, people who have angrophobia usually have suppressed anger and they do not realize that suppressing this anger can lead to worsening aggression should they become angry in the future.

The most prominent symptom of this phobia is passivity.  People will avoid any situation that could provoke them to get angry and would avoid people that they know will make them angry.  Some even go to the extent of not interacting with other people and this affects their personal life.

Treatment includes psychotherapy with proper anger management.  Anti-anxiety medications may be given to those with pronounced anxiety symptoms, or anti-depressants to those who manifest passivity.