Anglophobia- Fear of England or English culture

Anglophobia is defined as prejudice against or hostility towards the British people in general.  It is derived from the Latin word Anglus meaning “English”, and the Greek word phobos meaning “fear”, and this fear is usually rooted in politics, war, and its long-standing history of colonialism.  Several countries were colonized by the English people in the past and their colonial influence is said to be a negative experience because of the dilution of their own culture.  With colonialism comes violence, domination, supremacy and superiority of the English people, thus contributing to the fear that they emanate.

Other triggers of Anglophobia include England’s ally with America, wherein both countries have fought battles in the Middle East and may be a cause of rage.  Some also dislike English tourists because they perceive them as arrogant because of the high standards of living and the attitude of superiority that some English people might portray.  The concept of “royalty” may be the source of fear for some.  They feel that these people are “untouchable” and if they do anything wrong to offend them, they might be thrown to the dungeons like in the ancient times, or be exiled.

Anxiety symptoms manifest when they are faced with English people, or maybe even the thought of the country or the royal family.  Treatment includes psychotherapy wherein the phobic person is taught that they should not fear the English people because they are just like us, with different personalities and different cultures.