Androphobia – Fear of men

Androphobia is a nervousness condition that is characterized by a fear of men. This condition is not limited to women. Men may suffer from this irrational fear. People who suffer from androphobia commonly have interaction in elaborate and extreme measures to avoid men. This condition can have a negative impression on numerous aspects of life, corresponding to employment and romantic involvement.

A particular person with this situation is more likely to be overcome with concern or to experience terror when she is put into a state of affairs that includes a male’s presence. This can be true even when she knows there is no threat to her safety. Some symptoms for this type of condition include the following: trembling, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath. A sufferer’s mouth can become dry and she could even have an impulse to vomit.

Some believe that people suffer from androphobia because of a traumatic incident. The one that suffers from this condition could not have been a direct victim within the event that brought about her to develop the problem. This situation is not at all times the result of a single event. Sometimes it develops over a span of time.