Amaxophobia – Fear of Riding in Cars

Amaxophobia is known as an abnormal and unwarranted fear of riding in a car. This fear may be due to two reasons: previous bad experience or due to poor socialization. Whatever the reason may be, training your child to enjoy riding cars can help him change the negative things they feel about cars, into a positive experience.

Motion sickness is often suffered by kids. Overtime, your kid may usually grow out of it, especially when they are often given short car rides with you (parents). If your kid begins to show any signs of sickness, such as breathlessness, excessive sweating or nausea, stop the car and turn off the engine. Open the windows so that he can start breathing in fresh air. Severe stress can also make your child feel sick when riding in a car. Aside from that, make sure that your child did not eat a lot or is not feeling full when going on a car ride as this can make him feel sick as well, and may fear riding in cars again. When turning on a block, make sure to go slowly and smoothly to avoid scaring the child.

If you think self-help is not providing solutions, make sure to check with a mental healthcare professional for some advices on how to treat Amaxophobia.