Amathophobia – Fear of Dust

Amathophobia is known as the persistent and abnormal fear of dust. The cause of Amathophobia may vary from one person to another, and since no two persons are the same, most sufferers fall into one or more of any of the following categories:

  • Associated Traumatic Experience – patients under this category may not have experienced the fear directly but can be associated to someone who does. This can either be in real situation or in rare cases, can be due to a movie or a dream.
  • Single Traumatic Incident – patient may have experienced a frightening or high stressful event which caused the development of Amathophobia. The initial fear may have nothing to do with dust. But most patients experienced such condition when they were under extreme stress about something which is very much unrelated, but their mind somehow associated the negative feelings to dust.
  • Slow Build – this may occur when a mild case of Amathophobia escalates over night to become a severe condition. What happens here is that the individual accumulates a fearful association to dust, and so the evidence which is used by the nervous system and the mind becomes increasingly irrefutable and the fear becomes an appropriate emotion.

Sometimes, Amathophobia can develop from a seemingly harmless experience or from an experience which may seem to be repetitive but in reality, it may not really be repetitive but may have started way back in an early childhood experience.