Allodoxaphobia – Fear of Opinions

Alloxaphobia is considered as an uncommon type of phobia where in the patient fears hearing opinions from other people. It does not really matter if the patient knows the person who is giving out an opinion or not. People suffering from such condition are those who have been associated with some environment or post where they feel set back or where their opinion is not accounted or does not seem to matter at all. Alloxaphobia is often seen in individuals when they are involved in some discussion and another person starts putting in their opinions. Patient will then start fearing confrontation and arguments.

Treatments for this condition may include gaining the confidence of the patient by slowly involving them in small self-opinionated discussions. It is also wise to assure the person of the possible cure. Aside from that, medications can be prescribed as well, although it should be noted that these medications may have side effects or withdrawal symptoms which can be severe. Patients should also be reminded that these medications does not cure phobia and that it will only suppress its systems. On the other hand, there are some effective treatments available such as hypnotherapy, counseling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and psychotherapy.