Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic

Alliumphobia, quite possibly the strangest word I’ve heard in quite sometime (no this isn’t a Dr. Seuss rhyme). But, what’s even stranger is what it means. Alliumphobia is the extraordinary fear of garlic. I can’t say I’ve actually met anyone suffering from alliumphobia yet, but I would
definitely not take them out for Italian if I did. I’m not even sure how I heard about it, I was simply browsing the internet and somehow found my way to a person complaining they had a very eccentric reaction whenever they saw or smelled garlic of any kind. Apparently people with alliumphobia get severe panic attacks or anxiety when in close proximity to garlic. Now that I think about it, a person with alliumphobia must have quite a rough time because almost everything we eat in American society contains some form of garlic or seems too at least.