Alliumphobia – Fear of Garlic

Alliumphobia is known as the extraordinary fear of garlic. People suffering from Alliumphobia experience severe anxiety or panic attacks when they are within close proximity to garlic. This is known as a generalized phobia and sufferers may feel extreme fear or present an anxious reaction when confronted about something regarding beliefs or from hearing opinions from other people.

Symptoms of Alliumphobia may include dizziness, losing control, loss of breath, excessive shaking, and fear of dying and a feeling of being detached from reality. Individuals suffering from Alliumphobia are often scared of social interactions and of what people think about them.

If Alliumphobia is left untreated, this may pose a threat to you and your job or your education, and to your personal and business relations which is why it is important to see a professional immediately if you feel that you are showing symptoms of such condition.

Alliumphobia treatments may include various medications that may take over the body’s chemical imbalance, but the withdrawal symptoms may be severe. On the other hand, there are various programs available that can teach you how you can control your mind and train you on how to conquer your fears. Self-help can be of huge help when it comes to eliminating such condition.