Albuminurophobia – Fear of Kidney Disease

Albuminurophobia is known as the persistent and abnormal fear of kidney diseases. Just like any other phobias, this fear comes from the subconscious as a defense mechanism. The fear of kidney is presented to the mind which is over-estimating the danger brought by kidney diseases. The patient believes that disease of the kidney presents an actual threat even if in reality, it may not.

Albuminurophobia anxiety may be reduced by seeking continuous reassurance, avoiding activities which is believed to present elicit symptoms and by excessively using medical facilities. Patients suffering from Albuminurophobia cannot be taken to a hospital where he/she can meet someone that has gone through a renal or kidney treatment.

There are various techniques that you can try to eliminate your fear of kidney diseases. These treatments may include the following:

  • Cognitive structuring – using thought replacement, the goal here is to replace the sufferer’s irrational, counter-factual beliefs with something that is more accurate and beneficial.
  • Exposure treatment – this can help provide lasting relief to the patient’s Albuminurophobia and panic disorder. Disappearance of both subclinical and residual Albuminurophobic avoidance is the primary aim of exposure therapy. Systematic desensitization may also be applied.
  • Relaxation techniques – this is often used to stop or prevent all symptoms of anxiety and panic.