Agyrophobia – Fear of Crossing the Street

Agyrophobia is the abnormal, persistent and unwarranted fear of crossing the streets, road and highways or fear of the street itself. Patients suffer from anxiety even if they come to realize that the streets, roads or highways do not pose any threat or danger just to justify their fear.

Agyrophobia or Dromophobia is considered a specific phobia which is an irrational and exaggerated fear that crossing the streets and roads can and will cause bodily harm to him, even if there is no posed threat. It may also include a fear of being attacked while on the street or being unable to defend his self while crossing the street or the road. People suffering from this kind of phobia believe that they might be crushed or hit to death by a vehicle while they are on the street or road. This fear can sometimes take an extreme state and the sufferer starts to feel scared just by mentioning a street name. Agyrophobia is considered to be independent from the fear of cars, since crossing the intersection can initiate the fear reaction.

This type of phobia is often developed due to a previous road accident either involving the patient or someone close to the patient, or even witnessing a road accident involving a stranger. It may also result from watching a television show or a movie that shows scenes of car accidents in the streets which seem to be very scary and realistic. Symptoms of Agyrophobia are similar to many other phobias which often include nervousness, anxiety, heavy breathing and shortness of breath, nausea, heart palpitations, mouth dryness, and inability to think and utter words clearly. Generally, Agyrophobic individuals are often treated using a combination of anti-anxiety drugs and hypnotherapy.