Agrizoophobia – Fear of Wild Animals

Agrizoophobia is often defined as an abnormal, persistent and unwarranted fear of wild animals and every year, this surprisingly common phobia is starting to cause a lot of people needless distress.

Agrizoophobics have an intense fear of something that does not pose any real danger. Adults may realize that their fears are irrational, but thinking of facing the feared situation may only cause a serious anxiety or panic attack.

Just like all other phobias, Agrizoophobia is usually created by the unconscious mind as a defense mechanism. It may have developed at some point in the patient’s past, where there was an event linked to insanity or becoming insane and an emotional trauma. The actual phobia may manifest itself in various ways. Some patients may experience it almost all the time, while for some, it can surface as a response to a direct stimuli.

Symptoms of Agrizoophobia may include excessive sweating, dry mouth, irregular heartbeat, fear of dying, breathlessness, nausea, feeling sick, shaking, fear of dying, losing control, inability to utter words and think clearly, anxiety attack and a sensation of being detached from reality.

There are various treatments available for Agrizoophobia, and this may include:

  • Counseling – with the help of a professional psychologist, patient is helped to put fears through reasoning and discussion.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – is basically the study and practice of how the patient can create reality.
  • Energy Psychology – has the same roots as acupuncture, except that in this process, no needles are involved. This practice is done to help the sufferer learn how to manage the pain which is brought by the phobia.