Agraphobia – Fear of Sexual Abuse

Agraphobia, also known as contreltophobia, is an abnormal fear of sexual abuse. Although the condition is very common, it is widely unknown.

Agraphobic people suffer from such condition due to an event in the past which is linked to an emotional trauma with sexual abuse. Such experience do not have to actually happen to the patient, and watching sexual abuse occur in movies or television shows alone, can already trigger the condition. Other causes of agraphobia may include misinformation, sexual abuse hysteria, sensationalist news coverage and overzealous or careless investigatory practices. Malicious intent in children may also be a cause of a hysteria-driven agoraphobia.

Agraphobia symptoms often include abnormal sweating, dryness of the mouth, heart palpitations, having a hard time breathing, anxiety and panic attacks, and excessive shaking. Some patients may seem to be afraid most of the time, while some may only react on various stimuli which can remind them of a traumatic event that happened in the past and trigger the development of the fear of sexual abuse or agraphobia.

If you are suffering from such condition, it is essential to consult a mental healthcare professional as soon as possible. This is to be able to obtain treatment that can relieve you of the symptoms of agraphobia. Aside from that, to permanently eliminate such condition, you may also undergo hypnosis, counseling, desensitization or obtain prescribed medications. There are other alternative medicines that you can resort to which are claimed to have high success rates such as hypnotherapy and energy therapy.