Agateophobia – Fear of Insanity

Agateophobia is also known in various names such as maniaphobia, fear of insanity, dementophobia, fear of becoming insane, fear to be alienated and feared madness, and this problem can severely affect the quality of the patient’s life. Agateophobia is usually defined as a persistent, unwarranted, and abnormal fear of insanity or fear of becoming insane.

This phobia often cause panic attacks and keep people away from their family and business associates. This condition manifests itself in various ways, although most patients experience it most of the time while others are just responsive to a direct stimulus.

Agateophobia may be linked into a past event in your life related to insanity or becoming insane and emotional trauma, thus it was created by your unconscious mind as a defense mechanism.

Symptoms of Agateophobia often include feelings of fear, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, fast breathing, perspiration, feelings of dread and nausea.

There are various treatments available for such condition including effective drugs but this type of treatment is often not recommended due to its side effects which can be severe and dangerous. Other available treatment include NLP, hypnotherapy, counseling and psychotherapy which are all proven to be effective in treating Agateophobia or any other phobias.