Aeronausiphobia – Fear of Vomiting secondary to Sickness

Aeronausiphobia is also known as the fear of vomiting secondary to sickness. Sufferers of this type of phobia tends to fall sick and majority of treatments or therapies available for Aeronausiphobic people usually take months or years, and patients are required to be exposed to their fears for several times. But most people believe that this practice will not help the sufferers at all, instead, it will only make their condition worst.

Aeronausiphobia is a problem that can definitely affect the quality of the patient’s life. It may cause panic attacks which is not good particularly for those who are working or running their own businesses.

This fear often include symptoms such as rapid breathing, nausea, irregular heartbeat, total feeling of fear, and for some, they would even test themselves to find other various symptoms.

One recommended treatment for this type of phobia is NLP which is basically the study and practice wherein the patient can create his reality. Phobias are said to be the result of a malfunction in an individual’s program or construct. With NLP, these constructs are reprogrammed so that the phobia is reduced if not eliminated. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful as well in reprogramming your subconscious to get rid of the fear. When these programs are developed, the symptoms are most likely reduced and the fear will eventually be eliminated.