Aeroacrophobia – Fear of Open High Places

Aeroacrophobia is also known as an abnormal fear of open high places. Symptoms for this phobia often include excessive perspiration, dyspnea, jolt, sick feeling, incapacity to speak and think clearly, heart palpitations, fear of death, losing order or feeling insane, a full attack of puffed up concern and a feeling of detachment to reality.

If you are suffering from such disorder, then you should know that you are not alone. Most sufferers are surprised to know that they are a part of the suprisingly communal ground of phobia.

An intense fear of open high places does not pose any real danger. Adults with this type of phobia may come to realize that their fear is irrational. they often note that facing or thinking of the coatings of this feared situation can bring on panic attacks or other serious concerns.

Like all other fears and phobias, Aeroacrophobia is created by the inner psyche without your knowledge and is being used as a protective mechanism. At some point in your past, there may be an event which binds this open high place and emotional trauma. The catalyst may be a real alarm of some kind and the condition can be started by enumerable and benign events such as television shows or films.

Fixing the emotion to adjust to the situation is the primary thing the patient should learn. This can be helped by going through counseling for better diagnosis and to undergo professional help to eliminate the root of the phobia.