Acousticophobia – Fear of Sound or Noise

Acousticophobia is best defined as the fear of sound or noise. Typical treatment for this type of phobia may take months or years, and patient might be required to be repetitively exposed into their fears.

The most common cause of Acousticophobia, like all other phobias, is generated by the mind as protective mechanism. As a whole, it is believed to be linked into past incidents of sounds or noise and of another emotional ordeal in the patient’s life. This past events get refreshed or ignited to the particular moments while watching television or movies, or in any social events.

Just like all other phobias, Acousticophobia can be easily concurred by simply controlling your emotions and with the help of a qualified counselor as well. These practitioners can use various methods and train your sensible mind to be able to connect various positive feelings to the stimulus that triggers the phobia. They can easily educate you how you can overcome the root which is causing fearful thoughts and images with sounds or noise.

The standard procedure you should undergo through if you want to overcome your Acousticophobia will take at least ten hours to complete. Some clinics can only assure you basic relief and so the process might take longer until the phobia is completely settled. In some cases, it might even take only 2 to 3 hours of counseling. Remember that the duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the phobia and the patient’s commitment to the process as well.