Achluophobia – Fear of Darkness

Achluophobia is also known as Myctophobia, Scotophobia or Nyctophobia which is an abnormal fear of darkness. This type of phobia is often seen in young people, making the sufferer feel sick and may act differently as well. This is often seen in women and children, and although there are various treatments available for this condition, it would still require a complete involvement and dedication from the sufferer.

One of the most common symptoms of Achluophobia is lost mental balance. Other symptoms might include an irregular heartbeat, sleepless nights, weight loss, disability to do routine activities, and the inability to speak and think properly. Aside from that, you might also lose the interest to work as you are unable to perform to your full potential. This phobia can affect both your personal and social life.

One of the main causes of this disorder is due to the danger or trauma that the patient has experienced which involved darkness. While watching a TV show or a movie with some scary scenes in darkness, the sufferer might incorporate such scene in reality thinking that it might happen to her as well. This might be the beginning of Achluophobia which can make the patient feel restless later on. If you happen to witness a dangerous scene in darkness during your childhood days, that fear might have been there ever since and this might develop into an unwarranted fear of the darkness as well. The main reason for this is that, you already have the misconception that the darkness is always dangerous or that it is always related to something dangerous.

There are various treatments for this type of disorder, including a case where you will be required to sit in the darkness and witness this disorder. There are other treatments that might be effective and those that will last only for a day. The main goal here is for you to understand that the darkness is not dangerous and is not always related to any danger at all.