Acerophobia – Fear of Sourness

Acerophobia is also known as the fear of sourness or anything that tastes sour. People suffering from this kind of phobia avoid foods which are sour such as lemons and pickles. This is considered as a specific phobia which is also known as Acerbophobia.

Phobias arise from a series of various external events, particularly the traumatic events, and internal predispositions like heredity and genetics. Specific phobias, such as Acerophobia, can be tracked to a specific triggering event, which is usually traumatic at an early age. Genetics, heredity and brain chemistry are combinations that goes with life experiences which play a major role in the development of certain specific phobias.

Just like all other phobias where the symptoms vary on the person’s level of fear, symptoms for Acerophobia may typically include dread and severe anxiety. It may also include symptoms associated with panic attacks such as breathlessness, irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, excessive sweating, dry mouth and nausea, and the inability to articulate words and failure to think clearly.

Treatments may include prescribed medications, but you have to remember that these medications might have side effects or withdrawal syndromes that can be severe. You should also take note that these medications does not actually cure Acerophobia, and only provides temporary suppression of the attack. On the other hand, there are treatments that can actually help such as Neuro-Linguistic Program, counseling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.